Welcome to the Open Word.

Within the pages of this site, you will find a collection of many of my own writings over a period of several decades, including various papers, courses I have taught as well as Bible book studies. Feel free to use any of these resources in the furtherance of your own study or ministry. Copyright restriction is limited to you informing me of , in which ways these resources have been of help to you and if you have found them to be useful.

I have created tabs for ease of navigation while you visit my site: "About The Author" will allow you to learn more about me, "What I Believe" will give you a better understanding of my own, personal doctrinal statement. "Links" will take you to several links related to sites of the courses I am currently teaching. My "Blog" tab will bring you to the page where I am currently in the process of defending my doctrinal statement. I have provided other tabs which will allow you to visit various sections of my site where links are provided to all of the files available in PDF format.

It is my hope that you will enjoy this site and learn from the pages within it. Feel free to email me with comments, suggestions and even a compliment, if you feel so inclined: alanschafer@theopenbook.org

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