"Don't be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there"

All I Ever Have To Be

   When the weight of all my dreams

    Is resting heavy on my head
    And thoughtful words of health and hope
    have all been nicely said 
But I'm still hurting
    wondering if I'll ever be the one 
I think I am  I think I am 

Then you gently re-remind me
    that you've made me from the first
    and the more I try to be the best 
the more I get the worst
And I realize the good in me
    is only there because of who you are
    Who you are

    And all I ever have to be 
is what you've made me
    any more or less would be a step 
out of your plan
    As you daily recreate me
help me always keep in mind
    that I only have to do what I can find
    And all I ever have to be, all I have to be
    All I ever have to be
    Is what you've made me

 Sung by: Amy Grant

Today is November 9, 2011 and I am doing what I do every now and then, changing the graphics on my site. I have found over the years that making graphics and working on my website has been therapeutic and it takes my mind off anything that is happening in my life. The graphics I create often reflect what has been going on in my life, as for their color and the feel of them. (if that makes sense and I hope it does)

The past year and a half has been tough, with illness, death in my family and other challenges. I don't always face those challenges with the strength I have lead myself to believe lives inside of me. In fact, I have not faced ANY of them with
any kind of strength at all for the last year. Today, I decided to jump in and see what I could to make my site just a little bit better. At time like these, you find  out just exactly how strong relationships are and who is going to stick around and who is going to bail on you. I can only say that my husband, son and family have stuck around and my real friends are still here.

I have been re-doing a lot of the grahhics on my site, checking the pages for spelling errors, though I am sure there are still more, checking links, deleting pages, adding other pages and just spending time making it what I consider to be better. My two main focuses on my site lately have been the pages honoring children who have been abused or abused to death and getting new graphics on some of the pages. While there are times I feel I fail miserably, I do my best to make my site the best I can possibly make it.

I hope that you find something of interest to you and if you find something you feel needs my attention, please feel free
to e-mail me.

God bless,

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Give Me Wings

Give me strong silken wings
 that I might learn to fly
I'll never know if I can
unless I am given the chance to try

And if my wings can carry me
so very far away
Then if it is meant for us to be
then surely my wings will carry me
back to you some day

Though if by chance
I am meant to be free
never finding the path
back to you

Don't shed a tear
for what might have been
sometimes dreams that make us happy
never do come true

And if some day we meet once more
in another time or place
and I should weep for what is lost
don't wipe the tears
from my saddened face

Just love me for who
I wanted to be and I shall try
to do the same
and if you can't accomplish that
at least show no regrets
that I ever came

Author: Sharon Schafer
ęCopyright All rights reserved

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